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Personalized Lifestyle Plans

Your wellness journey is as unique as your DNA. That’s why Strata Med personalizes everything.

Concierge Support

If you ever have a question about your health or wellness plan, simply call up your personal lifestyle concierge for support.

Lifestyle As Disease Prevention

We suggest lifestyle medicine to prevent and even reverse chronic diseases.

Strata Med is looking to get you healthier with lifestyle medicine. We run a concierge medicine program so we can dedicate the needed time to YOU. To learn more, schedule a consultation. Our office is located in the middle of nature’s beauty for a calm and relaxing experience. Contact our concierge specialists.


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Here Are Some Things to Know About Lifestyle Medicine

When you hear the term “lifestyle medicine,” you might not know what to think. It could mean a lot, and “lifestyle” has even become a bit of a buzzword. Strata Med wants you to know that we take lifestyle medicine very seriously — it’s not a buzzword here! Lifestyle medicine studies the effects of these factors on your physical health: 
  • Sleep 
  • Stress management 
  • Substances 
  • Social connections 
  • Nutrition
  • Exercise 
These focus points help you build a personal relationship with your health by focusing on your daily choices and how they impact your well-being.  Strata Med teaches you practical strategies to modify your behavior with a holistic approach.  We call these your biopsychosocial dimensions of health and illness. So, the aim of lifestyle medicine is to seek out and find the sources of disease rather than treating ongoing symptoms. You will feel more in control because the Strata Med concierge specialists will make you feel informed. Did you know that the majority of chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, Type 2 diabetes, and cancer, can be prevented with lifestyle medicine? It’s the truth — by focusing on prevention rather than reversing, you’ll experience better health outcomes and lower healthcare costs.

The Six Pillars of Lifestyle Medicine Explained

Strata Med focuses on the six pillars. These include:

Restorative Sleep

Getting enough quality sleep can improve attention span, mood, and insulin sensitivity and reduce hunger and sluggishness.

Stress Management

Managing stress reduces anxiety, depression, and immune dysfunction and even slows down the aging process. Strata Med will teach you mindfulness and relaxation techniques.

Positive Social Connections

Building strong social connections benefits your physical, mental, and emotional health. Supportive relationships are essential for healthy people.

Avoiding Risky Substances

It’s time to eliminate the use of tobacco, nicotine, and excessive alcohol. You’ll have reduced risks of chronic disease and just feel better!

Regular Physical Activity

Consistent exercise boosts your physical health, but did you know it also improves your mental health?

Optimized Healthy Nutrition

A whole food, plant-forward diet can prevent and treat chronic illnesses by reducing inflammation, controlling weight, and improving insulin sensitivity and blood pressure. It’s an essential part of lifestyle medicine.

How Our Strata Med Lifestyle Medicine Concierges Support Your Health Journey

Lifestyle medicine focuses on what’s important to you. During your initial consultation, we ask about your values and how your current health and lifestyle either support or interfere with living the life you want most. 

Most of all, we are here to help you implement lifestyle changes with resources and follow-ups in person and via telehealth. 

Strata Med takes pride in our SMART (Stress Management and Resiliency Training) Course. This lifestyle resource was created at The Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital to help participants regain control and build resilience through mind-body principles and self-care interventions.

We will ask you to set weekly goals focused on the six pillars of lifestyle medicine.  

The Interconnectedness of Lifestyle Changes

We like to say that the pillars of lifestyle medicine intersect and become synergistic. That means that making a positive change in one pillar springboards you to improvements in another. While starting out is never easy, change is possible! It’s all about focusing on the day-by-day being your best self.  

Frequently Asked Questions About Lifestyle Medicine

Because our concierge doctors are pioneers in lifestyle medicine, we’ve asked them to share the answers to some frequently asked questions.

Lifestyle medicine focuses on improving sleep, stress management, nutrition, exercise, and social connections. By making positive changes in these health pillars, you can prevent and even reverse chronic diseases and just feel all-around healthier.

According to the latest research, changes in lifestyle choices can have a significant impact on the progression of early dementia.

The Strata Med lifestyle medicine physicians help you evaluate your behaviors within the six pillars of lifestyle medicine. We are all about practical and sustainable strategies. Because we are a concierge practice, everything is completely personalized to your health needs and goals.

Yes! Backed by research, lifestyle medicine has been shown to prevent and even reverse many chronic diseases. That’s why Strata Med prioritizes finding the source of disease rather than trying to mask the symptoms.  
First, it’s our location. We are in the middle of beautiful nature, so you’ll already feel relaxed. Our concierge specialists focus on what matters most to you, and we give you as much time with your provider as you need.



Specialties Include:

  • Internist, Medical Doctor
  • Improve Wellbeing and Prevent Chronic Disease
  • Helping patients gain knowledge to implement sustainable change 
  • Culinary Medicine – making healthy eating delicious, accessible, and fun
  • Creating a culture of wellness where the healthy choice is the easy choice

Lifestyle Medicine + Strata Med = Healthier You

You can achieve whatever health goal you want, no matter your starting point. Let’s transform you with Strata Med lifestyle medicine. Contact our office today and ask to speak about this program.