Functional Medicine

Functional medicine is a patient-centered approach to healthcare that focuses on identifying and addressing the underlying causes of various health conditions rather than just managing their symptoms. Unlike traditional medicine, which often treats ailments in isolation, functional medicine considers the intricate interplay of genetics, environment, and lifestyle factors that contribute to a person’s overall well-being. This approach is particularly effective for treating chronic and complex conditions such as autoimmune disorders, hormonal imbalances, digestive issues, and metabolic disorders.

At StrataMed, we believe that everyone deserves to achieve optimal health. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of functional medicine services, including:

  • In-depth assessments: We take the time to understand your unique health history, lifestyle, and goals. We want to know everything about you, from your diet and exercise habits to your stress levels and sleep patterns.
  • Personalized treatment plans: We tailor our treatment plans to your specific needs, using a combination of nutrition, supplements, lifestyle changes, and other interventions. We believe that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to health, and we want to create a plan that is right for you.
  • Empowerment: We believe that you are the expert on your own health. We work with you to give you the tools and knowledge you need to take control of your health and well-being. We want you to be an active participant in your own healing journey.

The tiles below represent our main offerings. Hover over each tile to learn more.

Naturopathic Medicine

Strata naturopathic medicine focuses on your innate capacity to heal. Your lifestyle and environment are assessed to identify (and remove) the obstacles limiting your body’s ability to heal. Then, we employ detailed laboratory testing to dig deeper into the underlying issues creating dysfunction. Finally, utilizing non-invasive, natural remedies, we stimulate healing and work to permanently eradicate symptoms and encourage true health.


Acupuncture is a modality of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that has been practiced with time-tested results for thousands of years. It promotes the natural self-healing process, improve circulation and bodily functions, relieve inflammation and pain, and help the body return to a state of balance.


Experience fresh and science-based approaches to food, eating, dieting, and meal planning — all from farm to body. The nutritional content of what you eat determines the composition of your cell membranes, bone marrow, blood cells, and hormones. Clean and healthy eating is essential for weight management, anti-aging, enhancing energy levels, healthy digestion, and overall optimal health.

IV Therapy

IV Nutritional Therapy infuses amino acids, vitamins, and minerals directly into the bloodstream — efficiently delivering these nutrients into the cellular space and bypassing the digestive tract, where much of the nutritional value of foods and supplements can be lost. 

Nurse Practitioner

Experience personalized healthcare at its finest with nurse practitioners who focus on your well-being from a holistic perspective.

Metabolic Health

Get a comprehensive metabolic health assessment that includes bloodwork, physical exam, and guidance.

Pediatric Subspecialties

Prioritize your child’s health with our pediatric subspecialties, including comprehensive assessments and treatments.