Proactive & Preventive Care

We understand that for busy execs, sometimes healthcare gets lost in the shuffle. That’s why our executive health membership promotes proactive and preventive care.

Unmatched Expertise

Strata Med boasts over 40 medical expertise to prioritize the care of our executives.

The Patient Comes First

With StrataMed, we provide concierge executive health that puts your health and well-being at the forefront.

Strata Med has redefined medical care and wellness for executives throughout Colorado Springs and beyond. We understand the demands of being a busy executive, business owner, or entrepreneur. That’s exactly why we’ve created our executive health membership, which provides exclusive concierge executive health services right here amidst nature’s beauty. Contact our Colorado Springs office to learn more. 


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Explore the Strata Med Executive Health Program

For busy executives, it’s all about working smarter, not harder. Here is what our executive health memberships offer:

Body Composition, Cardiovascular, & Functional Screening

Ready for the most in-depth assessments of your current health available? That’s what you get when you enroll in our concierge executive health program.

Physical, Emotional, & Chiropractic Wellness

Your emotional health is just as essential as your physical health. That’s why we address both. Add chiropractic care, and you will receive the most complete wellness care in Colorado Springs.

Metabolic, Nutrition, & Energetic Medicine

Executives and business owners deserve a multidisciplinary approach to their health. 

Complete Program Review

After completing the program, we review the steps you took to improve your health. We also invite you to reflect on that journey and share valuable insights to help refine the membership experience for future leaders.

Designed Specifically for Busy Executives

As a busy executive, we understand that your time is valuable. That’s why we created this special program designed specifically for people like you. 

You can choose between our 1-day program or our 4-day complete wellness experience. No matter which you choose, the concierge executive health program is focused fully on improving your wellness. 

Strata Med Guidance & Support

We are there to provide health guidance and support throughout the entire program. It’s what we love to do! 

You deserve the best care and resources, and with the Strata Med executive health membership, that’s exactly what you get. You’ll have access to advanced laboratory screenings and on-site cardiovascular performance testing. We use these tools to create a plan so you can continue achieving peak cognitive, physical, and leadership performance once you are back at your job. 

Leadership Development & Coaching

Being an impactful executive means being the best leader you can be. 

How can you do that? By optimizing and recognizing the interconnectedness of your physical health, emotional balance, energy, and confidence. All of those factors must work together for you to continue to develop as a leader. 

That’s why our executive health membership includes leadership development and coaching to help you improve your performance. Through pre-visit evaluations, on-site coaching, and ongoing support, we enhance your leadership vision. 

Concierge Executive Health Program FAQs

We know you have questions but don’t always have a lot of time. These FAQs provide an executive summary of our program.

What more do I need to know about the executive health membership at Strata Med?

Our mission is to create the most comprehensive health and wellness program for busy executives, business owners, and entrepreneurs in Colorado Springs and from across the country. The entire focus is on you through an individualized approach to wellness. 

What benefits should I expect from the concierge executive health program?

You will receive truly personalized care. Our comprehensive health assessments and personalized treatment suggestions are all about improving your work performance and minimizing your stress. As a concierge medical practice, we understand how a whole-health approach benefits today’s executives. 

What’s included in the executive health membership?

You’ll have unlimited access to all of our health and wellness services. Experience body composition, cardiovascular, and functional screenings to optimize your health. We optimize your body and mind through a whole-health approach to care and offer recommendations to continue improving your health once the program is complete. 

How do I enroll in the Executive Health membership at Strata Med?

To enroll, contact our Colorado Springs office to schedule a consultation with our Medical Director. During the consultation, be prepared to share your health goals, potential dates for the program, and your preferred schedule. Our Wellness Coordinator guides you through the intake process and helps you prepare for your on-site visit.

Join Our Concierge Executive Health Program

Strata Med is redefining executive health. And we want you to join our program. Contact our Wellness Coordinator today to schedule your no-obligation consultation.