WELLNESS Workshops, Events & SPecial Offers


Wellness is achieved when all dimensions of a person’s life are integrated and in balance: physical, emotional, and spiritual. Here at Strata Med in Colorado Springs, our interactive wellness workshops, classes, and events are designed to engage, educate, and motivate participants to integrate wellness into their lives. For questions or to register for an event, contact the Strata Med Concierge Team.

Thursday, February 29, 2024 from 11am-1pm
Three Graces Ballroom in Garden of the Gods Resort and Club, Colorado Springs, CO
Course 1: 1/30/24 – 3/5/24 | Course 2: 4/2/24 – 5/7/24 | Course 3: 9/24/24 – 10/29/24
Garden of the Gods Resort and Club, Colorado Springs, CO

Begin Your Wellness Journey With Strata

Embrace a healthcare model where you’re not hurried through appointments and every concern of yours is meticulously addressed. Strata concierge medicine in Colorado Springs is about building a lasting relationship with you, focusing on preventive care and long-term health goals. With a blend of traditional and innovative medical practices, we are here to transform lives, one personalized health plan at a time. Your path to better health is only a consultation away. Call our office or connect with our medical team online.