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Are You Ready to Overcome Stress and Thrive?

Are you stressed? Is it affecting your quality of life or hindering your goals? While eliminating stress isn’t possible, growing from it is. Join our SMART course and turn stress into your strength.
Master techniques for stress relief and build your innate stress buffer.
Enhance sleep, improve eating habits, and increase physical activity.
Become the best version of yourself, both mentally and physically.

About the SMART Course

Facilitated By

Sheila Bee, MD, earned her undergrad and medical degrees from The University of Kansas and completed an Internal Medicine Residency at The University of Michigan in 1998. She specializes in lifestyle and mind-body medicine, consulting with patients to implement behavioral changes to prevent chronic health problems and promote optimal wellbeing.

Course Overview

◦ Learn to evoke the Relaxation Response, counteracting stress.
◦ Set meaningful goals across the pillars of Lifestyle Medicine.
◦ Develop resilience to grow from stress rather than being overwhelmed by it.
◦ Plus, receive a complimentary lifestyle coaching session with purchase ($400 value!)

Community & Support

Gain valuable resources and a supportive community for lasting change.

Testimonial Highlight

“The SMART class transformed my daily life, bringing peace and healthier habits.” – MH

Program Overview

  • Private to include personalized lifestyle medicine evaluation and goal-setting.
  • Stress Awareness Exercise:  Energy Battery
  • Meditation:  Simple breath awareness
  • Adaptive Strategy:  Appreciations
  • Stress Awareness Exercise:  Stress Warning Signals
  • Meditation:  Body Scan
  • Adaptive Strategy:  Minis and sleep
  • Yoga instructor for Yoga Nidra, or musician for sound bowl meditation – 20 minutes at the end of class – 12:40 for morning class; 6:40 for evening class 
  • Stress Awareness Exercise:  Social Support
  • Meditation:  Open Monitoring (outside or seated in front of a large window to view outside)
  • Adaptive Strategy: Social Support and Mindfulness
  • Room with a large window (can go outside, weather permitting), yoga mats with bolsters, movable chairs, food for mindful eating exercise:  tangerines, berries, dark chocolate, tea, coffee (decaf only for evening session).
  • Stress Awareness Exercise:  Coping Log – working through a stressful situation – identifying physical signs and behaviors, stress perspective and emotions, negative automatic thoughts, and thought distortions
  • Meditation:  Chair Yoga (moving meditation)
  • Adaptive Strategy:  Engaging in pleasant behaviors – review energy battery
  • Yoga instructor to do the chair yoga at the beginning of class – come with class schedules for onsite yoga options
  • Promoting Positivity/Optimism
  • Stress Awareness Exercise:  Coping Log – working through a stressful situation part 2 – creating the adaptive perspective
  • Meditation:  Insight Imagery
  • Adaptive Strategy:  Healthy eating
  • Food demonstration – Harvard Healthy Eating Plate with Beans, Greens, & Grains Bowl – have bowls in take-out containers for each participant; after discussion, they can take food with them or choose to stay and eat on-site.  


  • Empathy, Compassion, Self-Empathy, Self-Compassion
  • Stress Awareness Exercise:  Relaxation Signals
  • Meditation:  Loving Kindness Meditation
  • Adaptive Strategy:  Physical Activity and Good, Bad, and Routine (looking for meaning and an adaptive perspective in all situations)
  • 20 minute Mat Pilates at the end of class
  • Stress Awareness Exercise:  Energy Battery
  • Meditation:  Idealized Self
  • Adaptive Strategy:  Creativity & Humor

Important Program details

Course 1: 1/30/24 – 3/5/24 | Course 2: 4/2/24 – 5/7/24 | Course 3: 9/24/24 – 10/29/24
Garden of the Gods Resort and Club, Colorado Springs, CO
$600 Members / $700 Non-Members

Includes a complimentary lifestyle coaching session with purchase ($400 value)

Why Choose Lifestyle Medicine with Sheila Bee, MD?

With over 25 years in Internal Medicine, Sheila Bee, MD, brings a holistic approach to health. She knows from experience that true health is more than just treating diseases; it’s about aligning your health with your life’s values. Start your journey to holistic health by enrolling today!

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