Cognitive Decline Prevention


Dementia and Alzheimer’s are not inevitable processes of aging; rather, they are manifestations of specific pathological change in the brain that, when properly identified, can be reversed with targeted lifestyle and supplemental support. Our ReCode (Reversing cognitive decline) and PreCode (prevent cognitive decline) programs aim to identify the root cause of disease.

Like all chronic disease, the changes in the brain that cause dementia develop over many decades. Unfortunately, we don’t typically see symptoms until far into the disease process, so by the time significant memory changes appear there is already advanced inflammation and damage in the brain. Preventative care is crucial to stopping dementia, as we have the best chance of halting this disease.

Luckily, there are ways that we can detect problems in the brain early – long before cognitive changes begin – with the correct screening tools. Screening for all individuals should start at age 45 to have the best chance of reversing any abnormalities that are identified. This screening, called a Cognoscopy, should be conducted annually, just like your routine lab testing and cancer screenings.

Individuals with any of the following conditions are at increased risk for dementia, and screening may need screening more frequently or starting at an earlier age:

  • Prediabetes or diabetes
  • Heart disease or high blood pressure
  • Obesity
  • Daily alcohol use
  • Current or past tobacco use
  • Low physical activity (less than 150 minutes per week)
  • Low cognitive activity/mental engagement
  • Family history of dementia onset before age 60
  • History of head injury or depression
  • History of chemical exposure from mercury dental amalgams, pesticides, certain chemotherapies, indoor molds, or repeated general anesthesia

Cognoscopy involves two simple tests, one conducted with your medical provider in office, and one conducted on your computer at home. More in-depth testing may be conducted to identify treatable risk factors for high-risk individuals, those with a family history, or those with abnormalities identified on the Cognoscopy.

The PreCODE and ReCODE programs allow at-risk individuals to take back control over this diagnosis, creating a road map for proactive disease prevention. With early detection and targeted treatments, seniors and high risk individuals can thrive cognitively at any age.


KARLY POWELL, ND. – Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Karly Powell is a registered naturopathic doctor utilizing therapeutic nutrition, functional biochemistry diagnostics, and herbal medicine to help patients understand the root cause of symptoms and stimulate the body’s innate capacity to heal. She has expertise in treatment of complex chronic diseases including autoimmune disorders, thyroid disease, dementia and Alzheimer’s, digestive disorders, environmental toxicity and medical detoxification, and chronic infections.

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