Cardiology Membership


From the inside out, a healthy heart is a healthy you. At the center of the circulatory system, the heart is the body’s most important organ; and, with state-of-the-art cardiovascular diagnostics, nutrition focus, and board-certified cardiology and physiology expertise, you gain reassurance in overall cardiac function and reduce heart-related disease risk. Your heart will feel the love.

Board-certified Cardiologist, Electrophysiologist, and Internist Dr. Michael Barber and his team will help enhance your quality of life with services and treatments centered around your heart-health status, prior cardiac history, and lifestyle goals.


Contact our Wellness Coordinator, for your Complimentary Discovery Session.

CARDIOLOGY Membership Offerings

  • A Wellness Concierge Medical Membership Intake, including comprehensive past medical history, physical examination, and current health and wellness goals.
  • Clinical laboratory diagnostics, including metabolic risk and advanced hormone testing, and laboratory review with lead clinician.
  • BOD POD® body composition tests.
  • Problem focused patient visits, including physical examination (as needed).
  • An Echocardiogram and Result Report.
  • A Carotid Artery Vascular Doppler Ultrasound and Result Report.
  • A Cardiovascular Stress Echocardiographic Treadmill Test and Result Report.
  • Integrated specialty sessions, including service lines of: Applied Kinesiology, Chiropractic Medicine, Neuroreceptor Therapy, and Naturopathic Medicine.
  • Nutrition Sessions.
  • Strata teleWELL® Nutrition Coaching Sessions.
  • Fitness Coaching Goal Session and Body Mechanics Evaluation.
  • Personal Training Athlete Session
  • Intravenous (IV) Nutritional and Hydration Therapy Sessions.
  • Wellbeing Sessions, including service lines of: Energetic Medicine, Meditation, and Mindfulness.
  • Acupuncture Sessions.
  • Full-Body Medical Massages.
  • Assignment to a Lead Strata Med Clinician.
  • Physician, Doctor, Nurse, and Provider Clinical Team will provide Integrated Treatment Strategy.
  • Access to Wellness Concierge Medical Membership Patient Concierge Liaison Services.

Additional Offerings

  • Supplement and Tincture Benefit: 20% Off Retail Price.
  • Additional Strata Med (Health & Wellness) Benefit: 10% Off Services (a la carte).
  • Additional Strata Spa (Spa & Salon) Benefit: 20% Off Services (a la carte).
  • Additional Strata Fit (Coaching & Personal Training) Benefit: Priority Scheduling.
  • Group Fitness Class Access and Participation.

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New heights of human potential and possibilities.

Women's Lifestyle Membership

Women-led. Whole-woman focused.


Contact our Wellness Coordinator for your Complimentary Discovery Session.